Salon 297 provides disastrous color outcomes and would not rectify the situation

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I went to Salon 297 to have highlights done in my naturally very dark hair.The stylist and I sat and looked at several books and finally decided on a good color for highlights.

She was very conversational and pleasant. It wasn't until she dried my hair at the end of a very lengthy process,that I was able to see the color was not right. Some areas had highlights only half way down the shaft as if the color leaked from another foil, and the highlight color was certainly not uniform. The stylist told me not to worry because it is common for the color not to take the first time since my hair was so dark.

She scheduled me another appointment for the following day and said that she would go over a few areas again and it would look great. I paid the ridiculously high price and much out of the range that I was initially quoted, and agreed to come back the following day. When I came back, the stylist was certainly not in the same giddy mood...she seemed irritated that she had to re-do my hair. She reapplied the bleach to the entire previously highlighted strands and she worked very fast and didn't say much.

She placed me under the drier where I sat several minutes past the timer. After several minutes I started to feel a tingling sensation and got nervous. I asked another stylist to find my stylist who was no where to be found and had not checked on me. She finally came hurrying out of the back room with a mouth full of food rushing me to the shampooing area.

After she dried my hair I could see what she had done--I had big chunks of highlights that were broken off half way down. One thick highlight was broken off two inches from the top of my head. And the color was not what we had looked at. It was an uneven, horrible color of blonde that completely clashed with my natural color.

I was horrified...I asked to speak to the manager who did not offer a refund or an explanation. She said hair damage is always a risk that people take when they get highlights, and that I should not have tried to go that light. She completely put it off on me like I should have known better!! She told me that she would get me in for a deep conditioning treatment and we would take it from there....I went back for a deep conditioning treatment, the woman who did the treatment advised me to get my hair wrapped and explained that is what black people do when they want to get their hair healthy...little does she know I am not African American...I am Middle Eastern!

The manager told me she would suggest that I do not style my hair for at least 2 weeks so that the hair can get stronger, then she tried to talk me into buying some of their expensive products. That was the last straw because at that point I felt like she was just trying to make a joke of the situation.

I called to discuss the matter with the manager, but have yet to receive a return call.What a waste of $175.00!

Review about: Aveda Hair Salon.

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